A redemption story about a big crime in a small town and how one woman faced it all to get sober.

Lindsay M. knew from a young age that she wanted to help people. She went to school, got her degree and moved confidently towards her goals of being a nurse practitioner, a wife and having a family. At 25, the bottom fell out of Lindsay’s life. A devastating medical diagnosis, a tragedy and multiple health complications brought her to a place of pain, fear, hopelessness and finally: addiction.

Lindsay came to Serenity Lane for treatment and returned to her small town ready to do the work laid out for her by her counselors. Attend after care. Go to meetings. Help other people. But first: Lindsay would have to face some very big fears in early sobriety.

What do we do when we’re going through hell? We keep going. Hear how Lindsay put one foot in front of the other to get beyond her wreckage and finally, to the place she’d been seeking all along.

Learn more about Serenity Lane’s treatment program for healthcare professionals here.

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